Minimum Control Measure 2: Public Involvement/Participation

Public involvement and participation in Stormwater Management Program development and implementation provides valuable input and assistance, and enables important connections with other community and government programs. These connections are particularly valuable when implementing a Stormwater Management Program on a watershed-wide basis. An active and involved community is crucial to the success of a Stormwater Management Program because it encourages:

Broader public support. Citizens who participate in the development and decision-making process are partially responsible for the program and, therefore, may be less likely to present challenges;

Shorter implementation schedules due to volunteer citizen contributions, and fewer obstacles in the form of legal challenges from the public;

A broader base of expertise active in the program;

Enhanced economic benefits; and

A conduit to other local programs such as floodplain management and watershed management.

Permit Requirements

Comply with state and local public notice requirements when implementing a public involvement/participation program.

Comply with applicable public participation and involvement provisions of the Clean Water Act. For more information, refer to page 11, "Where to Find Additional Assistance."

Design and conduct a public involvement/participation program that:

  • Identifies key individuals and groups who are interested in or affected by the stormwater permitting program;
  • Identifies the type of input the MS4 will seek from them; and
  • Describes the activities the MS4 will undertake to provide program access and gather input.

Identify and publish the name of a contact person for the Stormwater Management Program.

Prior to submitting the Stormwater Management Program Annual Report, present the draft report at a meeting that is open to the public. Publish the meeting agenda, the opportunity for public comment, the date and time of the meeting, and the availability of the draft Annual Report for prior review.

Include a summary of comments and intended responses as an attachment to the Stormwater Management Program Annual Report and make the final report available for public inspection.

Develop measurable goals and select appropriate public involvement activities to ensure the reduction of all the pollutants of concern in stormwater discharges to the maximum extent practicable.

Desired Outcomes

The public contributes information and expertise to address stormwater issues.

The municipality follows up on complaints and adds information from the public to its data about local conditions.

Citizens and other interested groups participate in Stormwater Management Program activities.

Citizens and other interested groups review and comment on Stormwater Management Program accomplishments and goals.