Minimum Control Measure 6: Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

This Minimum Control Measure is a key element of a successful MS4 Stormwater Management Program. This measure requires the MS4 operator to establish a municipal pollution prevention/good housekeeping program (operation and maintenance program) that examines everyday municipal operations and alters municipal actions to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged. This Minimum Control Measure applies to pollution that: (1) collects on streets, parking lots, open spaces; (2) results from vehicle storage and maintenance; (3) results from actions such as poor maintenance of storm sewer systems or environmentally damaging land development and flood management practices; or (4) originates from or is controlled at municipal facilities and properties or municipal operations in the community.

This measure is meant to improve or protect receiving water quality from stormwater discharges originating at municipal operations or facilities. It may also result in cost savings, because proper and timely maintenance of storm sewer systems can help avoid repair costs and damage caused by age and neglect.

Permit Requirements

Develop and implement an operation and maintenance program that is designed to reduce and prevent the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable from activities such as park and open space maintenance, fleet and building maintenance, roadway maintenance, hydrologic habitat modification, and marine operations.

Include a training component in the program.

Follow management practices identified in the NYS Management Practices Catalogue for Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention or other equivalent guidance materials available from the EPA, New York State, Tribe or other organization.

Develop measurable goals and select appropriate management practices to ensure the reduction of all pollutants of concern in stormwater discharges to the maximum extent practicable.

Desired Outcomes

Road maintenance and other routine municipal activities do not contribute polluted stormwater or excess runoff to local waterways.

Municipal employees are fully trained and routinely apply pollution prevention practices.